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Tarot Card of the Week

The Strength card it's usually numbered as number eight and it represents the birth sign of Leo.

The keywords for this card are generally;

The key points for the card are generally;
make sure to use strength in all areas of your life
never give up
look out for solutions to problems

The strength card speaks of perseverance, endurance , patience as well as having confidence and unshakable resolve. It is a card of courage and belief in the self. There are many kinds of strength; strength is adaptive and  passionate but not uncontrolled.  
This particular card- which is from one of my favourite decks,  alsoyou will see that it has swans and cats within the the central figures. this one is a symbol of movement, and cats are seen in many cultures as symbols ofbut creativity and freedom. Certainly that appears to be the way that they are interpreted within this particular card. Looking at the Meaning of the Strength card it is telling us that we may need to use our physical strength to keep moving toward our goals and keep aiming for the success that we desire and need even though there may be one or two obstacles on the path, or a tough time to overcome first, this is a positive sign within a reading that your desire should be achievable.