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Most of Alexia's services can now be paid for, Securely, Online. Where-ever you see a link to pay on-line next to a product just follow the link to be taken to our on-line payment facilities. General details will be taken on this site, then when it comes to paying you will be taken to a Secure Server held by our Payment Service Providers - Barclaycard Merchant Services.

This way you can be sure that any sensitive information is always dealt with using the utmost security and no credit / debit card details are retained on our servers AT All. If you have any further questions regarding the secure payment facilities on  or 

please contact me by clicking here

Personal Details etc are only stored for a short time so that any products can be sent to the customer. We do not pass these details onto ANY third party, you will not be contacted by mail and they will not be used for any bulk mailing by Alexia.

If you do not want to pay on-line you can email me to talk to me regarding your needs and we can arrange an alternative suitable payment method.

Please note all credit/debit card transactions are processed using a high security verification system. All payments are checked for authenticity for non genuine or fraudulent details. Alexia always passes all attempts to commit online fraud to the relevant authorities. The card used *must be in your own name. If an order is placed and the names do not match the reading will not be completed, and a refund will not be made without entering the fraudulent use channels. This is for your own and Alexias protection and to help avoid fraudulant use of your card by unauthorised 3rd parties.

Please contact me prior to ordering if your card has a different name on it and I can check the details with you, as I appreciate that this does happen for quite legitimate reasons! This is to protect both you and myself from online fraud!


* The card used must be in your own name.