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Alexia's Love and Romance Psychic Readings

Psychic readings about all love and romance matters

If you are on this page looking for a psychic reading about love and romance, I can help you. I offer a psychic love and romance reading, this is a five question reading and it is just £37, it is approximately 1000 words in length, so you will find in-depth and answering your questions about your relationship, past, present and future can be covered within this reading. This reading can include two photographs so that I am able to read deeply into your love and romance areas and see what is coming up for you and what has already occurred and brought you to this point if need be.

 If you are looking for a psychic reading about where your relationship has gone wrong, then there is an ex-lover psychic reading available to you, this is a four question reading, and it is just £30. It is approximately 800 words in length and it is quite detailed regarding your breakup or problem within the relationship area. You are able to attach two photographs if need be so that I can look even deeper into your situation.

 All of my readings are totally confidential and carried out with clairvoyance and tarot if requested. I am equally happy reading with or without the cards.

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Alexia's Ex Lover Psychic Reading just £30 approx 800 words

When you are left upset, deserted or in a mess my Ex Lover Psychic Reading can help, Is he/she coming back? 4 question psychic reading online or by post £30, this reading is ideal when you want to know if there is a chance of getting back togther with an ex partner.

Alexia's Love and Romance Psychic Reading just £37 approx 1000 words

This is a reading solely about love and romance, about new love, about old lovers, about how to bring new love in. Or maybe you need to know the future of your relationship. All questions need to be based on the subject of love or romance. This reading can be completed using the tarot cards as well as clairvoyance or just with psychic insight.