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Fortune Telling and Psychic Work

Fortune-telling seems quite an old-fashioned term these days, and people often shy away from being considered fortune tellers. Fortune-telling is defined as the practice of predicting the future, usually of an individual, through the use of mystical or supernatural means or powers. There are many different methods of divination - predicting the future, and is often done using playing cards, tarot cards, Angel cards, Rune Stones, palm reading, astrology, tea leaf reading, the use of the crystal ball or pure psychic ability, mostly it is a combination of any or all of these methods.  

These days people are usually known as a clairvoyant- which means clear seeing- or a psychic or a tarot reader. The term fortune teller seems to be something of the past.

I use a number of these methods, and a lot of my readings are pure clairvoyant, and upon request I can also use the tarot cards in conjunction with pure clairvoyance.

One of my specialities is reading different types of cards, from playing cards through to some of the more obscure oracles or divination cards that are available today. If you are interested in something a little different then you may wish to look at my psychic card reading page please click here.