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What are your readings like? And what are your aims?

I aim to provide accurate and positive guidance and advice, I am always non-judgemental, and I am happy to answer questions on any subject apart from health and death.

I want to ask questions that relate to other people, can this be done and do I have to include their details?

Yes , this is possible as long as it relates to yourself and is not purely based on the third party. I will require their details please.

Are you online all the time, and can I contact you at any time?

I am mostly online every day, the actual time does depend on my workload but I always try to reply to my clients quickly. If you have not had a reply from me within 48 hours it is just as well to resend your email or message to me. No offence will be taken, and this is due to the occasional e-mail going astray especially from the free e-mail companies and occasionally AOL. Although I am linked with universal star, it is not a company but a group of people who come together to work, so I do actually work alone for the vast majority of time, and as such I can get behind at times, which can cause delays in responses. if your need is very urgent I recommend that you mark the e-mail as urgent- that usually catches my eye!

Do you provide telephone contact?

No, I work on the Internet or by post but I do not provide a telephone number as I find that too much time gets taken up and that affects myclients workings/readings. I always respond to e-mail or postal contact though and find this works very well.

How long will I wait for a reading?

I aim to turn all readings around within 48 hours as a maximum, often much sooner. . Should there be any delays at the time of ordering I will notify you.There is also the option to have a same day reading with me.