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Please ensure you have read all of this page before booking.All of my spells that I cast, and all of the spells listed on my website, are my own custom spells. I will always cast what I feel has the highest chance of bringing you full success. All of my spells are very reasonably priced at just £49. I try to cast your spell on the same day that you book with me, but if it is too late in the day for me to make my preparations then it may be the next day before I can cast it. I will always let you know. When you book your spell with me. I always need the full details before proceeding to cast it, this will always include your full name, your date of birth and the same for anybody else that is included in your spell if this is a love spell request. I always acknowledge your booking before casting. The spells that I cast include white magic spells, rituals, and love spells. As well as some for soulmates. I have a very good success rate with all of my casting and you can rest assured that all my efforts and the strongest and most powerful spell will be cast for you. Please note I do not cast lottery or money spells.

My guarantee to you is that I will do all in my power to get you a quick and positive result. I will let you know once the spell has been cast so that you know it has been fully completed for you. Your spell case will always be treated with full confidentiality as well as compassionately. This can be a very worrying or upsetting time for people, and anything I can do to help to ease that I will. It is essential that you give me all of your details for your casting, the most up-to-date, true, and honest account as you know it. Please note that these spells are unsuitable if you have had 3 or more spells cast already on this subject. The more information you give the stronger your spell cast will be. My spells are of a professional standard and nature and as a witch as well as an occultist I will do all in my power to get a successful outcome as quickly as possible. I have many years of experience and many clients return to me over and over again when they need further help. It is also important to state that no one can guarantee a spell 100%. Whoever they are or whatever they claim it is not possible. A lot of spell casters like to say that they have 100% success record, but it is highly unlikely to be true. If you are looking for guaranteed spell working I would suggest that you continue to search, I can offer you genuine and positive spells but I know better than to guarantee them because it is not truly possible. Most of the casters that do offer these guarantees will up and disappear and you will find an empty website when you go back to query why it didn’t work. I prefer to work with honesty and compassion with my sole aim of bringing your desired result. I cannot say fairer than that. If you do not see your particular subject listed then I can usually cast a custom spell for it, please just get in touch and ask. All of my spells are just £49Please ensure you have read all of this page before booking.Please note I do not cast lottery or money spells.

Alexia's personal spell castings for love, reconciliation, returning a lover and other love problems

I can cast a love spell for you and these can cover all different situations, including helping to return your lover, bringing in a new lover, passion and lust, removal of love triangle or third-party influence or interference, gaining commitment from your partner, communicating with your lover, and all manner of love/romance/relationship situations. These spells are suitable for assisting in the repair of your broken relationship or any other Breaking up type scenarios. Powerful love spells which are hard-hitting but safe. Book your love spell just £49

Alexia's personal spell castings for lifes troubles, problems, clearances, curse removal and energy blocks

I can cast spells for all of life’s troubles, if you have a problem with moving forward with your life or if you feel that you need some help to remove negativity around you, or if there is a curse on yourself and your family, I should be able to help with that. I can cast to remove energy blocks as well as blocks and barriers on your path which can stop the flow of happiness, especially in the love area. If you need a boost with your business or getting a new job then these spells can help that too.

Alexia's personal spell castings for life benefits, luck, empowerment, new job, house sales, exams, and business help

I can cast a range of beneficial spells that are positive in intent and are ideal for things such as luck, empowerment, a spell to get a new job, or a spell to assist with interviews. I can also help with selling of property or houses, a spell cast can help your business grow, or if you are suffering from people owing you money there are a range of spells that will also help with this. The spells are powerful and adaptable. Book a powerful spell just £49

Alexia's personal spell castings for blessings, restoring calm, healing friendships,empowerment and new friends

I can cast spells for blessings of people or properties, I can help to restore calm within a situation at work or home, and I can help with healing broken friendships. If you need empowerment in your life in order to move forward then that too can be helped. There are many custom spells available if you do not see your particular subject listed then I can usually cast a custom spell for it, please just get in touch and ask. All of my spells are just £49