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Angels and Guides

Some say that angels are with us all the time.  We can often feel them.  Some people have seen them. Mostly they give themselves form for our benefit!  Angels have been around us since the beginning of Time, and there are many types of angels. Their vibration is very different to ours, it is much faster, and this is why we cannot easily hear or see them. Your Guardian Angel loves you without question. Your Guardian Angel encourages you, gives you support and will be with you through thick and thin.

There are other Angels who will be with you if you call upon them.

Your guides can be from many realms of life, but often they have lived on earth many centuries ago. Because of the time spent in spirit, they have become highly developed in spiritual ways. They choose to remain close to the earth life, and act as a link and teacher. This is the difference between guides and angels, angels are beings of light and have not had a human incarnation. A guide could also be someone that you have known or been related to in a previous existence. Wherever they come from or however they link to you, you can be sure that you do have a strong affinity to them.

A guide will not control or try to run your life, you will still retain your free will, and working with guides does not free you from responsibility or making the wrong decisions in life. But they will help you where they can to move in the right direction, this is why it is important to try to work with your intuition. People often presume that working with guides and angels, will be like talking to someone who is in the room with you, and hearing a lovely clear voice. This is rarely the case, it can be as subtle as a feeling or a thought that comes into your mind, you should try to be open to all of the ways that messages can reach you when you try to connect to your spirit helpers.