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I am a traditional clairvoyant and occultist, closely following the old path traditions. I have become well known for my email psychic readings and email tarot and psychic card readings and now have a large international clientele. I  have been clairvoyant since childhood but didn’t use my gifts until I was in my twenties.As I have worked for spirit from this young age Im quite experienced in all psychic and occult work.

I have a psychic background on both sides of my family. One of my specialities is guiding people who are just developing their own psychic gifts, as well as helping within relationship issues using my accurate clairvoyant and psychic tarot readings. They are available both email and by post. I am also the resident witch on the Indigo Star website which is the payment gateway for all my online ordering. My psychic tarot readings are all individual and are not computer generated, I use my psychic ability to guide you and offer you advice.I like to think that you can place your trust in me and I will do my very best to help you. I am only an email away! I am an experienced traditional natural clairvoyant as well as an occultist. I am well known as a clairvoyant and have lots of clairvoyants amongst my clients who ask me to read for them! When I read for you I am assisted by my guide who is a shaman, and also the angels that are surrounding us.I  will help you to understand how and why you are in your present situation if you are suffering a specific problem or difficulty. (Not health issues, as I prefer not to deal with this area.)

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